March 23, 2017

Where My Dogs At??

It's National Puppy Day!!!  

I couldn't be more excited to celebrate my sweet, smushy faced pups, Bosa and Bear! 
They have been the apples in my eyes for a little over two years! Here are a few things my little guys love and here is where you can find them! 
BarkBox - Every month we get a BarkBox in the mail. If you haven't tried it out yet, you must! It's always a pup party in our house every time it arrives! 
Easter Begg Hunt Sponsored by Three Dog Bakery, is an event in the Short North that my pups love to take part in.  Three Dog Bakery, is always hosting and sponsoring fun events for our Columbus pups.
City Dog -  From day trips to week travels, there is only one place I send my pups (aside from grandogma & grandogpa).  They always take such loving care of my babes and honestly they're always upset with me for making them go home.  Plus side - they are super tired from playing and running around all day!
Kitties Cakes  - These women are not only phenomenal cake and cupcake creators but dang, their home made dog treats are a total hit!  Next tome you get yourself a cupcake don't forget to treat yo pup!
Bosa and Bear are the best bakeshop pups.  They enjoy hanging out in our office, where they get lots of love, snuggles, and kiss from our neighbors and employees. If you want to see what Bosa and Bear are up to on the reg. check out their instagram yes, they have an instagram - @bakeshopsquad.  

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