November 16, 2017

Tailgate Essentials : Recipe

Jana Lee's Tailgate Essentials: 

1. The Best Damn Band in the Land 

2. Buckeye Bars 

3. BBQ 

4. Cornhole 

5. Hot Apple Cider - Recipe below

6. Jana Lee's Cookies, of course! 

Hot Apple Cider 

What you'll need: 
32 allspice berries 
24 cardamom pods 
24 cinnamon sticks
12 whole cloves 
strips of orange zest from 3 oranges 
1 gallon apple cider 
rum *optional
*additional cinnamon sticks 
How to: 
1. add apple cider to slow cooker 
2. in several cheese cloths (or one large one) add other ingredients and close tightly - add these cheese cloth pods to the Apple Cider
3. allow to heat for a couple of hours on medium / low heat until warm and aromatic. 
4.  remove cheese cloth pods 
5. serve in mugs or insulated coffee cups
*adding 1 oz rum per drink - optional
*adding cinnamon sticks for garnish - optional 
6. Enjoy Responsibly 

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