March 01, 2017

Throw your sprinkles in the sky if you feel the vibe!

Were you the type of kid who wanted sprinkles on everything? Me too! I mean literally everything - ice cream, cup cakes, birthday cake, cookies... I can't name a dessert I didn't want to throw a hand full of or dredge in sprinkles.  It wasn't because I loved the flavor, but more for how fun they were.  They made everything pop with color and I love that!  
 For me sprinkles still bring a child like quality to things, something fun, exciting, and a colorful embellishment to the everyday.  
 Jimmies : these are the classic sprinkles that go on cupcakes and cookies... They long skinny most often seen in rainbow. These were my favorite growing up I loved putting them on my ice cream cones, it was a must!
   Nonpareils : These are the little round balls of sprinkle also found often with with cookie decorating.  I will often times use this style when decorating a sporting event, they create a great "crowd" or "stands" effect! 
Confetti : As the name states, it's much like the paper we like to throw in the air at a party.  Also often times coming in rainbow as well as a wide variety of individual colors. You can see these in the photo above, the round white sprinkles.
   Dragees :  These are a type of Nonpareils, I like to use them to add a touch of pizazz.  There is something so luxurious about having a little gold ball or a few to make it pop.  It adds an extra special touch.  Yes, it's real gold, and yes it's edible - what could be better?
 Sanding Sugar :  These too I loved as a child particularly to cover my Christmas cookies in.  Now days, I like to use sanding sugar to add a nice crunch and pop of color! 
Crystal Sugar : is similar to Sanding sugar, however larger in size and I use them more for the option to give a bold glisten and shimmer, these come in handy during the Holidays and especially New Years. 

Photo courtesy of Fancy Sprinkles - if you are a sprinkle lover like me, you'll want to rush over to their site immediately they have some fun things going on!

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