July 20, 2017

Lake Side Sipping

Lake side sipping with a watermelon cocktail, is there anything better? 
Watermelon Punch
What ya need: 
one ripe watermelon (seeded / rind) 
several mint sprigs (one handful)
lime juice (1/2 cup)
simple syrup (to taste)
rum or vodka *optional / *your choice
ginger ale or speaking water *optional 
How to: 
1 - puree the seeded rind watermelon / and strain out pulp 
2 - in a pitcher add a splash of lime juice muddle mint leaves to express oils and flavor 
3 - add watermelon juice to muddled mint and lime juice 
4 - add simple syrup to taste 
*5 - add rum or vodka 
* 6 - top with a splash of ginger ale and a splash more lime juice
7 - Enjoy Responsibly 

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