June 15, 2018

6 Things We Love This Week!

1. Nordstrom Stargaze Woven Seagrass Tote

The only pool bag you need! It's big enough to carry your magazines and sunblock around but not so big that you feel as if you're lugging a suitcase around. With a lined interior and drawstring top, your things will be safe and sound even if a little rug rat knocks it over! It's on trend with the stars but such a classic shape and color scheme you can carry this bag for summers and summers to come!

2. A Classic Martini

A favorite of Jana Lee, dry with olives, a martini is a class drink everyone should know and (sometimes) love. It isn't for everyone, but we all love when there are blue cheese stuffed olives. Know someone whose drink of choice is a martini? Order some our adorable martini cookies and make their day!

3. Nervous by Shawn Mendes

Let's be honest, he is just the cutest and when he hit the red carpet with Hailey Baldwin we swooned. His latest song, Nervous, is a little slow but very catchy and it takes a gal back those crushes we had. It makes us just want to swing our hips side to side on a drive, cooking dinner, and by the pool. So basically we love it and have been listening nonstop!

4. Glossier Haloscope

The easiest highlight around, just a few swipes of this little guy and you'll be the dewiest one around. It's creamy, mess free, and gives the perfect amount of shimmer for any time of the year! Oh, and all of Glossier's products come in the cutest pink pouches that we love using for our flying essentials, makeup, and bathroom organization!

5. Genie's Dream Meringue Powder

We absolutely adore this meringue powder! After trying a few different ones for our icing we stumbled across Genie's and never looked back! In Jana's book, A Cookie to Celebrate, you can find our delicious cookie and icing recipes along with tips and tricks to decorating your very own!

6. The Incredibles 2

Okay, but really, The Incredibles is a great movie that was so well done, even watching it as an adult! We've waiting ten years to find out what happens after the cliff hanger they left us on in the first one! Today, we finally get to find out who the new "super" is and what the Incredibles do about it! An Incredibles cookie set would be a perfect theme for a kids birthday party! Order yours today!


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