June 08, 2018

6 Things We Love This Week!

1. Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll

An enthralling read, you'll be sucked in from the get go simply because you have no idea what to expect. Knoll keeps readers on their toes as we slowly uncover the life of Ani Harrison, or really, TiFani FaNelli. A novel that anyone can relate to in some form or another, whether it be struggling with confidence and identity, mental health issues and their impacts, expectations, or even just how we felt about the hottie teacher in high school, Knoll does a wonderful job encompassing what it means to be a high school girl and a young woman in the competitive world today.

2. Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen

A perfect addition to everyone's morning routine, Unseen Sunscreen provides you with the necessity of a foundation primer combined with the importance of sun protection! Coming in at SPF 40, Supergoop! kills the game with their newest product designed to smooth your skin into the perfect canvas while allowing you to head out in the summer sunshine stress free! 

3. Show Me Your MuMu

For all your sassy summer needs, Show Me Your MuMu is your one stop shop! Whether it be traipsing by the pool, sweating it out in the gym, or hitting the town, you'll be dressed to impress and turning heads! They have the best collections including a soft spoken mid summer line, a Barbie collaboration, and all the pretty prints and bright colors a girl could ever want!

4. Back To You by Selena Gomez

This song gives me almost as many feels as Songs About Jane did (and still does, Adam Levine forever has my heart) but it is really the sweetest message. Written for 13 Reasons Why, it can make you laugh, cry, and sing along at the top of your lungs! It's chorus is catchy, the tune solemn, and perfect for a late night drive or a walk to clear your thoughts. It is a good rainy day song, a sunny day song, a happy song, a sad song, and I CAN'T STOP LISTENING.

5. Summer In a Cup by Trisha Yearwood

I mean, we died over her Christmas in a Cup (who didn't?) so obviously Summer in a Cup is our first cocktail choice this sunny season! WIth pineapple, banana, orange, and coconut, it just screams poolside with a tiny umbrella in it! Iced, with coconut rum and banana liqueur you'll feel like you're on the beach even when you're in your backyard! 

6. Grease

Who doesn't love Grease?! Even if you say you don't (which is obviously a lie because we all know you sing along to every word) it is still a classic movie. It's been watched hundreds of times, at every sleepover of your childhood, at every girlfriend get together. It's basically a right of passage; it's a little scandalous, a dream of how everyone hopes a summer fling with turn out, and let's be real, everyone has a crush on Danny with his smooth moves and that voice! It's a summer must watch for you, your girlfriends, and a few bottles of wine!

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